Rejection and Difference I: ‘Centrists’ and ‘Children’

[As the dissertation work takes real shape, I find nuggets and sections like this that I can share without need to preface it with an entire history of everything] In the final sections of Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism, Portwood-Stacer argues that questions about the effectiveness of prefigurative lifestyle politics … Continue reading

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T-minus 9 Months: Dissertation Organizational Rework and Focusing on ‘Scenes.’

9 months.  That’s how long I’m giving myself to have this baby.  I’ve been officially (i.e. via registration) working on this thing since the Fall of 2012, but it feels much longer.  In an effort to induce delivery, I have been easing into an increasingly rigorous writing schedule; I hope … Continue reading

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Occupy occupy occupy Are we doing something? There is endless journalistic ‘coverage’ of occupy: fawing (link), possessive (link, blah), exploitative, etc.  There is also a bloom in the life of the academic field of social movement theory.  I’m willing to bet $100 that social movement theory journals have seensubmission rates … Continue reading

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