Proper Falling Technique: Are GOP Intellectuals and Strategists Only Focused on Losing the Right Way?

The other day a friend planted a bug in my ear.  We were rambling, and they slurred: “it’s like the gop has given up, what if they just lost on purpose, like flame out.”

At that time we laughed and then moved on to a movie or some such.  But I can’t stop think about it.  More specifically, if gop intellectual heavyweights knew the chances of a presindential win were slim, might they choose to spend their time and energy in a more productive way?  What is to be won in a lost presidental campaign?

What if:

Following the 2010 Congressional success, gop thinkers begin filling their dance cards for presidential candidates.  There are few obvious contenders.  Given the ‘tea party’ take over in 2010,  Mike Huackabee was a pretty good choice.  The tea party, if we include its life course through the cooption by electoral politics, was the product of the financial collapse and ‘dislike’ for President Obama.  To be clear, American racism is a significant factor here; while the economic critique of tea party collective action was formidible (many intellectuals, widespread knowledge of facts), it was it’s encounter with racism, subsequent stoking with funds from established poltical forces, all working against a single figurehead/individual and the embodiment of ‘all that is wrong’…it was this that gave any economic critique legs.

So Mike Huckabee has an awful radio show and sucks.  So, tes-party, Mick Huckabee…seems like a good fit.  But Mike wont run.  Fuuuuuccck.  Well, try again later and lets see the rest of the field?

romeny, cain, bachman, etc.  wow.

the GOP thinks bide their time.  cain doesn’t get handlers, santorum is lifted only to be abandoned…romeny has the cash to stick it out.

“We are going to lose” they say to each other.  Weeks of rethinking and rearranging.  Romney cant win, or at least is not worth it.  So change strategy.  Here’s what we’ve seen:

Introduce Rubio and Ryan, Christie and let Jebb Bush in the back door.  Stoked emotions like resentment and bitterness, which keep over time.  Finally, they’ve promote a handful of issues that can be swept up in a future platform/campaing of ‘states rights.’   What is this is a controlled stall, and we can glimpse possible trajectories for the future.  A vitriolic campaign platform of state’s rights and ‘individual liberty,’ weilding reproductive rights, environmental regulation (nebraska fracking in speech), and religious ‘freedom’ cases opening the door to things like prayer in school, as Ryan recently suggested.

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