A War of Position

change, not movement. (author: e. colin ruggero)

Im almost done. I’ll be posting sections and pieces,abstracts and selections; follow along for a shorter read of the lumbering beast. Transcripts of fieldnotes recorded the night of Occupy Philadelphia’s eviction from its two-month encampment at the doorstep of City Hall: At around 11pm on November 29th, 2011, I began to receive emails, texts, tweets and Facebook updates about rumors of an impending eviction of the Occupy Philadelphia encampment at City Hall. I was chatting online with a friend, checking out bands for a benefit show he needed help organizing, when he shared word of police confirmation of the eviction, passed on to him by a friend who works for the local NBC affiliate. I suited up for the cold, wet night and hopped on my bike to alert a few friends before heading downtown. I passed a local bar, where a Metal and Punk dance party was being held and . . .

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Moral Accounts of Self

Moral accounts of self tend toward or encourage personal/individual politics, with a focus on the transformation of individuals (belief/ideology), with little attention to organizational or structural issues (practices). Indeed, many of the ‘radical prefigurative practices’ commonly examined in exiting research are similarly personal/individual or aimed at self-transformation or establishing a personal moral identity as radical …
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Rejection and Difference I: ‘Centrists’ and ‘Children’

[As the dissertation work takes real shape, I find nuggets and sections like this that I can share without need to preface it with an entire history of everything] In the final sections of Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism, Portwood-Stacer argues that questions about the effectiveness of prefigurative lifestyle politics (or any political action) can …
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Rejection and Difference II: ‘Bros’ and ‘Highschool Brats’

[ This post builds directly from and is meant to follow the previous post: Rejection and Difference I: ‘Centrists’ and ‘Children’ ]   Rejection and Difference II: ‘Bros’ and ‘Highschool Brats’ While authenticity continues to be a theme in prefigurative scene members’ difference-making, the basis for this rejection becomes more subtle and complex as we move fully …
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